9 years 15 days ago
Software Test Data Generation using Ant Colony Optimization
State-based testing is frequently used in software testing. Test data generation is one of the key issues in software testing. A properly generated test suite may not only locate t...
Huaizhong Li, Chiou Peng Lam
89views Biometrics» more  BIOSIG 2003»
9 years 15 days ago
How to Test the Performance of Speech Verifiers and Statistical Evaluation
Abstract: Biometric identification and verification technologies, in the past, have promised high performance levels. Such performance statements lead to the assumption, that these...
Jörg Tacke, Andreas Wolf
9 years 16 days ago
Testing with Functions as Specifications
Although computer systems penetrate all facets of society, the software running those systems may contain many errors. Producing high quality software appears to be difficult and v...
Pieter W. M. Koopman
9 years 16 days ago
From Functional Requirements through Test Evaluation Design to Automatic Test Data Patterns Retrieval - a Concept for Testing of
- Functional testing of software dedicated for hybrid embedded systems should start at the early development phase and requires analysis of discrete and continuous signals, where t...
Justyna Zander-Nowicka, Abel Marrero Pérez,...
88views Education» more  LREC 2008»
9 years 17 days ago
An Infrastructure, Tools and Methodology for Evaluation of Multicultural Name Matching Systems
This paper describes a Name Matching Evaluation Laboratory that is a joint effort across multiple projects. The lab houses our evaluation infrastructure as well as multiple name m...
Keith J. Miller, Mark Arehart, Catherine Ball, Joh...
9 years 17 days ago
What's the Date? High Accuracy Interpretation of Weekday Names
In this paper we present a study on the interpretation of weekday names in texts. Our algorithm for assigning a date to a weekday name achieves 95.91% accuracy on a test data set ...
Pawel P. Mazur, Robert Dale
9 years 18 days ago
An Ensemble Method for Selection of High Quality Parses
While the average performance of statistical parsers gradually improves, they still attach to many sentences annotations of rather low quality. The number of such sentences grows ...
Roi Reichart, Ari Rappoport
102views VLSI» more  DFT 2005»
9 years 1 months ago
Using Statistical Transformations to Improve Compression for Linear Decompressors
Linear decompressors are the dominant methodology used in commercial test data compression tools. However, they are generally not able to exploit correlations in the test data, an...
Samuel I. Ward, Chris Schattauer, Nur A. Touba
9 years 1 months ago
Recognizing Textual Entailment Using a Subsequence Kernel Method
We present a novel approach to recognizing Textual nt. Structural features are constructed from abstract tree descriptions, which are automatically extracted from syntactic depend...
Rui Wang 0005, Günter Neumann
126views Hardware» more  ATS 2001»
9 years 2 months ago
Design of an Optimal Test Access Architecture Using a Genetic Algorithm
Test access is a major problem for core-based systemon-chip (SOC) designs. Since cores in an SOC are not directly accessible via chip inputs and outputs, special access mechanisms...
Zahra Sadat Ebadi, André Ivanov